Goal Benchmarks Initiative Benchmarks Fact Sheets

Pathway to Success 2012

The 3rd Annual Strategic Plan Stakeholders Conference was held in April of 2012 in the Tirey Hall Ballroom. The conference fully discussed and assessed the third year of work associated with the effort. Embedded in the plan are 250 plus tasks/work plans designed to move ISU forward toward its benchmark goals.

Conference Presentations, Goal Chair Executive Summaries and Audit Chair Executive Summaries can be found here: Conference 2012

Initiative Fact Sheets and Benchmark Sheets can be found here

The ambitious five-year strategic plan for Indiana State University continues to make its mark on the university, community, region, and state. In fact, it has been so successful the Board of Trustees asked the university to push the current plan out to 2017. Fact and Benchmark Sheets now reflect new and updated work and metrics to 2017. In addition, and to compliment the strategic plan, and to drive student success a Strategic Enrollment Plan is also in the making - expecting to be rolled out January 8th 2013. Both of the plans will drive ISU forward for the next five years.

With enrollment growth holding in 2012 at 2668 new Full Time First Time Freshman with the addition of close to 750 transfers - ISU is realizing record freshman classes. The plan is working. Student GPA’s continuing to rise and last year students volunteered over 1,000,000 hours in community service.

The plan President Daniel J. Bradley unveiled on October 14, 2009, pledged to diversify revenue in an effort to limit future tuition increases and attract and retain a diverse pool of talented faculty and staff. A Scholar Collaboration and Prospective Faculty day has again drawn many minority faculty to campus to learn about ISU. The plan also seeks to strengthen the university's most distinctive programs through a very ambitious Unbounded Possibilities initiative. UP as it has become to be known, shows great promise and 8 centers are in the start up phase with a first review early in 2013.

And, we continue to upgrade student housing and other facilities and construct a new "front door" entrance from U.S. 41.

Increasing enrollment and student success remains the university's top goal, with an eye toward serving 14,000 students annually by 2017, an increase of nearly 3,500 students from the fall 2009 headcount. Many of these new students will be served at a distance. The plan also seeks increases in the university's first-year retention rate and four- and six-year graduation rates.