NSSE, FSSE and BCSSE Reports

ISU participates in a particular suite of surveys every three years that informs our community what our freshmen and seniors say they do in particularly educationally purposeful activities and what they and our faculty perceive is being done to support student engagement in these activities. The surveys are:

To learn more about these instruments, click on the above links. Links for information on the ISU 2012-13 results, previous ISU results, and a range of support materials can be found below.

The NSSE/FSSE/BSSE administration is handled by the Office of Institutional Research in collaboration with the Office of Student Success. The dissemination of results, including using the data to inform discussions about its meaning and opportunities for focused attention, is jointly led by the ISU Student Success Council and the ISU Assessment Council.

What is Intended with These Results

The Student Success Council and the Assessment Council are working together on opportunities for both information dissemination about 2013 results as well as discussion/planning forums for prioritizing areas for attention. If you would be interested in participating, please let Joshua Powers, Associate Vice President for Student Success (jopowers@indstate.edu) or Ruth Cain, Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator (ruth.cain@indstate.edu) know.

NSSE 2013 Results for ISU

FSSE 2013 Results for ISU

BCSSE 2012 Results for ISU

Support Materials

Research on the NSSE

NSSE Critiques

The NSSE instrument is not without its limitations and critique. First, while it has been shown to be valuable for identifying measures of engagement and those measures have been linked to important, primarily near term, outcomes, including first-year retention and liberal learning goals, it has not been as strong at predicting longer term goals such as college completion. Furthermore, there have been critiques of item clarity for consistency across institution types, something that has ostensibly been addressed via NSSE 2.0. In this section, we include a sample of articles/works that discuss the NSSE through a critical lens.