IPEDS Low-Income Students Infographic

A Look at Public Institutions by Net Price for Low-Income Students and Six-Year Graduation Rate

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  % FTFT UG w/ Pell Average Net Price for Low Income 6-Year Grad Rate
ISU 53 8,220 42
Overall Mean (Excludes ISU) 43.4 9,835 46.3
Indiana Mean (Excludes ISU) 39.9 8,341 34.2

The bubble charts provide a visual of where low-income students are attending college. The charts give three aspects to consider:

  • How many low-income students does the institution serve
  • What is the financial burden for these students
  • How many of its students graduate within six years
  • The size of the bubble represents the percentage of first-time, full-time students who receive Pell Grants at the institution.
  • The horizotal axis is the overall six-year graduation rate.
  • The vertical axis is the institution’s annual net price for first-time, full-time students who receive Title IV financial assistance and come from families earning between $0 and $30,000 per year. (Net Price equals the total cost of attendance minus the average grant aid received.)
  • The chart had four quadrants, created by the median of each axis. Institutions in the bottom-right portion of the chart have high graduation rates and low net price. Institutions in the top-left quadrant have low graduation rates and high net price. Institutions in the upper right quadrant have high graduation rates but a higher net price, while those in the lower left offer a low net price, but lower graduation rates.
Chart Idea: The Education Trust

Data Source: NCES IPEDS 2012-13 data (Institutional Characteristics, Graduation Rates Survey, Financial Aid Survey)